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Acoustic Nights 7

Updated: 2018-05-13

This event has already taken place.

Acoustic Nights 7 was on Saturday, February 26, 2011, 8pm at O Patro Vys, 356 Mont Royal E. (corner St Denis), Montreal.

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Musical Table d'hôte

Prepare to be whisked away on a cloud of song and lyrical movement by excellent artists based right here in Montreal.

First ever multi-media Acoustic Nights show featuring 4 local acts PLUS a special short film premiere Life by Numbers by Chicago film group Bohemian Soul Revival. Inspiring, thought-provoking, this short film will blow you away! Coming to Montreal for the first time ever, we're proud to be part of this crew's history!

  1. Matt Stern (pop/folk/soul)

    Matt Stern Born and raised in Montreal, Matt Stern gravitated toward music at an early age, crafting tunes that combined thoughtful storytelling with expressive emotion. He became increasingly passionate about his art, and a slew of invitations to perform around the city resulted in record-breaking shows at popular venues such as the Yellow Door, Centre St-Ambroise and Zeke's Gallery. His first EP, Awhile (2005), was the fruit of this creative period. Inspired by subsequent travels and touring in China, Japan and throughout Canada, Matt returned home with fresh material to produce his first full-length album, Songs for the Wandering Spirit (2007). Following the release of this record, Matt took the show on the road once again, bringing his new material to Ontario, Quebec and Japan, with a special appearance on the island of Okinawa. Accepting invitations to play at festivals M Comme Musique (2009) in Châteauroux, France, Festival Folk sur le Canal (2009) and Fête de la Musique (2010) in his hometown of Montreal, coupled with his many international appearances, has garnered Matt a diverse worldwide following. His brand new EP, I'm Not the Only One (2010), was launched September 26th, 2010 to a full house at Montreal's La Sala Rossa.
    Video from this show.

  2. Melina Soochan (indie pop/jazz)

    Melina Soochan A native Montrealer, Melina is a soulful and sophisticated singer/songwriter and pianist, whose style is a distinctive yet unique blend of pop, indie, jazz and blues. A classically trained pianist, she pushes herself beyond the limits of conventional pop and adds a little something extra to every track. Melina is no stranger to the stage. Her first love is LIVE PERFORMANCE. When she's not in the studio recording songs for her debut full-length album (due fall 2011), you can see and hear Melina in various venues and events in and around Montreal and Toronto. She currently sings every Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and on Fridays and Saturday nights at the Fairmont Hotel in Mont Tremblant, where she showcases popular jazz and contemporary songs as well as her quirky original music. In 2009 she released a 6-song EP City of Love, and independently produced 2 music videos, X-Ray Eyes (currently on rotation on Bravo! and CJNT), as well as one for her title track song City of Love. Melina is also an avid entrepreneur, having founded the Acoustic Nights Montreal series. Her organization is now expanding into the youth sector in 2011 and planning some fascinating new endeavours! Stay tuned and keep supporting live music!

    Featuring also Michael Johancsik on the sax, JWaTtS on percussion.
    Video from this show.

  3. Life By Numbers Montreal premiere
    Bohemian Soul Revival
    (independent short film)

    Life By Numbers Montreal premiere - Bohemian Soul Revival (independent short film) - Acoustic Nights 7 Seductively thought-provoking, was the subdued consensus among the trio the night the concept, Bohemian Soul Revival was born. The quiet calm beget an eerie stillness in the avant-garde room rich with Andy Warhol quote wall-hangings and Dalai Lama artwork; hinted by the dense smoke and wispy flavor of Nag Champa incense. Use the mediums of art, in every capacity possible, to force people into self-reflective, potentially life-course-altering, thought and action. Words and narrative to depict a message relating to the urgency of our mortality, magnificence of our potential and alternative roads to the path of self-fulfillment; in essence, don't stay on the paved road if it doesn't serve you. Cinematography to amplify the message and tickle the senses of wonder alive in the world around us; the uniqueness and majesty contained within the seemingly insignificance of human interaction, nature and the images we observe, but do not see. Music that connects the two, elevates the experience and imprints on the soul. In short: Make art that transcends.

  4. Carrie Campbell (blog writer and founder)

    Carrie Campbell - Acoustic Nights 7 Carrie Campbell, often referred to by her witty nickname C2, is pretty awesome. Mom of 2, model, author, entrepreneur and all-around champ, C2 tells-it-like-it-should-be on her worldwide smash sensation blog, How Does She Do It Mom. If you want information on how to be the best Mom you can be, then search Google for the word 'cliche'.... But if you want to understand the exact process of how to live the life you've always wanted, dream in color, break down barriers and open yourself up to every possibility and goal that's been sitting dormant in your heart since the day you were born, then look no further.

  5. Matt Lipscombe (foot-stomping folk!)

    Matt Lipscombe - Acoustic Nights 7 Montreal's Me, Mom, and Morgentaler gave birth to a promising new singer-songwriter. Emerging from the shadows of these 5-time winners of the Montreal Mirror's Readers' Poll, Matt Lipscombe now steps into the limelight. A singer-songwriter in the folk tradition, he takes the stage with an acoustic guitar and enchants the audience with his beautifully crafted songs. He has performed in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. His debut record, Folk Tales, released in 2007, was critically well-received. In July 2008, he performed at the Quebec Off Festival in Quebec City. In October 2009, he performed live on CBC radio, appearing on the Christiane Charette show - the most popular radio show in Quebec. In 1988, he co-founded the ska-funk circus, Me Mom and Morgentaler. Countless tours across North America followed with 50,000 records sold. All along, Matt Lipscombe wrote the songs that propelled the band to legendary status. Nowadays, the troubadour is in the studio recording his second English-language record, a solo-acoustic offering slated for a release date of April 21st 2011. He is also taking part in the NSAI songwriting seminar in Nashville Tennessee in early April 2011.
    Video from this show. (songwriting website)

  6. Sheila Giffen (folk/pop)

    Sheila Giffen - Acoustic Nights 7 Sheila Giffen is a folk singer who grew up in Pointe-Claire, Qc. She draws out all the beautiful and twisted bits of her heart with a mean finger pickin' style, meanderin' melodies and eloquent lyrics. She's been performing music in Montreal since September 2009 at places like Divan Orange, Trois Minots, Cagibi, Shaika Cafe, Burritoville and Grumpy's. You can listen to her music on her site.
    Video from this show.

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