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Acoustic Nights 4

Updated: 2018-05-13

This event has already taken place.

Show time for Acoustic Nights 4 was Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 8pm, Jello Martini Lounge, 151 rue Ontario Est, Montreal, 514-285-2621.

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Musical Table d'hôte

  1. Pat Robitaille - Soul/Folk

    Pat RobitailleFor an artist at the start of a career, Pat Robitaille's hard-earned years of songwriting and touring already shine through with a comfortable attitude on and off stage. This isn't a musician by trade, this is someone who makes music because they have to. He's born and bred in Windsor, Ontario, the city of roses and the automotive capital of Canada. His neighbours across the river in Detroit, Michigan paved the way for what is rock and soul music today. Pat's brand of music doesn't quite showcase the sound of Motown Detroit, but it's got the soul and spirit to measure up. He doesn't tour with a band or record with one. He prefers to keep the decisions and performances up to himself, yet he's still able to paint a landscape in a song as if a hundred people had given their advice. He's had a few pats on the back from respectable artists along the way, too, including Peter Frampton, Sam Roberts, Matthew Good, The Beach Boys & Bob Rock.
    Video from this show.

  2. Vanwho - Acoustic/Folk

    Vanwho Artist, musician, philosopher... With influences from Elliott Smith, Coldplay, Nirvana and Radiohead, Vanwho delivers a heartfelt performance. "...L’univers a une longueur d’année de vie qui nous semble éternel, mais regardez sa grosseur par rapport à nous.. C'EST RELATIF!. Nous vivons une éternité sans même s’en rendre compte. Je pourrais continuer à supposer des réponses à la vie comme ca ( car ce n'est que des suppositions ). Jamais je ne pourrai prétendre en détenir la vérité, la vie est pour moi une série de faits éternels. Je rêve moi aussi et parfois même en méditant, en ne pensant qu’à moi seule et en me perdant dans ma tête, là où je crois que pas beaucoup de gens peuvent réellement se rendre, à cette endroit la pluspart du temps j'ai souvent l'impression d'enfin trouver des réponses à des questions qui ne cessent d'être posées. Mais jamais je n’oserai dire au gens que ces réponses sont la vérité, que ma version et mes croyance personnelle doivent être celles dont tout le monde doit croire. Justement car cela le dit, une croyance personnelle."
    Video from this show.

  3. Melina Soochan - Indie Pop/Soul

    Melina Soochan A native Montrealer, Melina is a soulful and sophisticated singer/songwriter and pianist, whose style is a distinctive yet unique blend of pop, indie, soul, RnB, and blues. A classically trained pianist, she pushes herself beyond the limits of conventional pop and adds a little something extra to every track. Melina is no stranger to the stage. Her first love is LIVE PERFORMANCE. When she's not in the studio recording songs for her debut album (due 2010), you can see and hear Melina in various venues and events in and around Montreal and Toronto. She currently sings every Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, where she showcases popular jazz and contemporary songs as well as her quirky original music.
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    Sule Heitner Featuring special guest artist SuLE who also participated at the Acoustic Nights 1 event in February 2010.

    Video from this show

  4. Jenne Carey - Soprano

    Dan and LauraUp and coming classical soprano Jenne Carey has been busy making a name for herself in Montreal. In the past few years, she has performed leading and supporting roles with the McGill Savoy Society, La Fete Coloniale, The Montreal West Operatic Society and The Segal Centre for Performing Arts. She has also lent her voice to local bands for their live shows and on their albums. When not performing, Jenne maintains a small studio of voice students and is excitedly preparing to return to school in the fall to pursue her Master of Music degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy.

  5. Phil J and the Rekord Breakers - Soft Rock

    Phil J and the Rekord BreakersThe follow-up album to Phil J's debut album Speechless proves to be more than just a Coke and a smile. Founded in 2004 by Philippe Jolicoeur of RESET, and Mark LeBlanc, this band hasn't stopped growing since. With a wide variety of radio-friendly rock/soft-rock tunes, this whole album begs to be listened to from cover to cover. Appealing to everyone and enjoyed by everyone, Clear Blue Sky represents a maturation of the song-writing style of Phil J. Backed by the Rekord Breakers, comprised of Mark LeBlanc on drums and percussion, Karine Imamedjian on the cello, as well as Christian Pilon on bass, they complement and complete each other like fine wine and cheese. Phil J and the Rekord Breakers - Clear Blue Sky. Ear candy for everyone to savour again and again.
    Video from this show.

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