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Acoustic Nights 8

Updated: 2018-05-13

This event has already taken place.

Acoustic Nights 8 was on Saturday, April 23, 2011, 8pm (Easter weekend) at O Patro Vys, 356 Mont Royal E. (corner St Denis), Montreal.

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Musical Table d'hôte

We were indeed whisked away on a cloud of song and lyrical movement by excellent artists based right here in Montreal and Victoriaville and some hailing from as far away as England! Now we might just start to call it Acoustic Nights International!

Hosted by Melina Soochan.

  1. Jon Davis (indie/roots)

    Jon DavisMontreal's Jon Davis' soft, gentle and most intimate vocals recall those of Nick Drake, his sombre soundscapes, moving the deeply personal lyric into a very personal place. We discover a comparatively upbeat artist in search of answers, despite life's many seemingly unanswerable questions. Jon Davis' recently released debut - Golden Hue - reveals an artist who enjoys giving the listener's emotions a bit of a workout. Jon Davis has created a debut that deserves immediate attention - not to serve as company for those dark and rainy days as much as to provide a soundtrack for coming out on the other side. Originally trained as a jazz pianist, he switched horses somewhat, based on an outbreak of carpal tunnel syndrome and the accumulated comments he'd received on his vocal talent. Classical training followed and the influence of everyone from Joni Mitchell to Stephen Sondheim helped set the stage. Yet this singer is a songwriter first, and his fine arts background as an artist has provided him with an approach similar to that of a painter with a new canvas. Jon Davis gives us something to think about - a warm fire on a blustery day - and something to assist us in our own search for answers, buoying our spirits in the process.
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  2. Neil Sullivan (acoustic indie pop)

    Neil Sullivan The last 5 years of my life have been all about writing melodic, honest & organic songs. Now 25, I am finally all-set to branch-out after years spent gigging in the big smoke of London, and by the sea in Brighton, England. My focus above all else is now my music. My vision is to make a record that speaks straight to the heart of anyone who has ever been lost, broken or looking for answers. My dreams are now being realized as I have spent the last year recording my first album, The Distance, scheduled for release in early 2011. These songs mean everything to me; I hope something in them sparks a connection with you.
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  3. Melina Soochan (indie pop/jazz)

    Melina Soochan A native Montrealer, Melina is a soulful and sophisticated singer/songwriter and pianist, whose style is a distinctive yet unique blend of pop, indie, jazz and blues. A classically trained pianist, she pushes herself beyond the limits of conventional pop and adds a little something extra to every track. Melina is no stranger to the stage. Her first love is LIVE PERFORMANCE. When she's not in the studio recording songs for her debut full-length album (due summer 2011), you can see and hear Melina in various venues and events in and around Montreal and Toronto. She currently sings every Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, where she showcases popular jazz and contemporary songs as well as her quirky original music. In 2009 she released a 6-song EP City of Love, and independently produced 2 music videos, X-Ray Eyes (currently on rotation on Bravo! and CJNT), as well as one for her title track song City of Love. She has recently filmed another music video, The Mama Song, soon to be released as promo for her upcoming album. Melina is also an avid entrepreneur, having founded the Acoustic Nights Montreal series. Her organization is now expanding into the youth sector in 2011 and planning some fascinating new endeavours! Stay tuned and keep supporting live music!
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  4. Les Mélacoustiques (acoustic folk-rock)

    Les Mélacoustiques Groupe Acoustique Folk-Rock de Victoriaville ayant en main une trentaine de compositions originales et le tout en français. Fondé il y a une dizaine d'année, Les Mélacoustiques, anciennement le Groupe JOB, sont devenu acoustiques pour en rejoindre le plus de gens possible. Dédié aux spectacles, Dany Martel, auteur - compositeur de tous les textes et musiques des Mélacoustiques, il joue dans les salles, bars, concours et festivals pendant de nombreuses années, assez qu'il souhaite modifier ses compositions pour passer de l'électrique hard-rock à l'acoustique folk-rock. De là l'arrivée du guitariste soliste Olivier Lemire-Jutras et du percussionniste Ludovic Blake. Depuis, ils ont gagné Zéro à Mille, ont joué à la Fête du Canada, St-Jean-Baptiste et une tournée d'environ 20 bars dans la région. Ensemble, ils forment Les Mélacoustiques.
    Video from this show.

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