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Acoustic Nights 6

Updated: 2018-05-13

This event has already taken place.

Show time was Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7:30pm, Le Confessionnal, 431 rue McGill, Vieux-Montreal, 514-953-3478 or 514-927-4111.

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Musical Table d'hôte

Prepare to be whisked away on a cloud of song and lyrical movement by excellent artists based right here in Montreal.

  1. Stephanie Caprara (R&B / Pop / Hip-Hop)

    Stephanie Caprara Stephanie Caprara is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec where her talent and passion for music became obvious at an early age. Her first radio play came in September 2002 with the dance mix of Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight produced by Tycoon Records. Her songwriting abilities have been recognized by the Mix96 National Songwriting Competition (now: Virgin Radio Star Contest) in 2004 where her song, You Won't See Me Cry placed 6th among hundreds of entrants. In March 2007 Stephanie was invited to sing for a corporate event for the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, China. In October 2007 Stephanie packed her bags and headed off to the great and exciting city of New York. She had the grand opportunity of working with many talented musicians and songwriters; performing at various venues in New York City and New Jersey. During this time she worked with New York based Hip-Hop / R&B songwriters and producers such as Frank Portalatin (FMagic Publishing), and Karim Staine. Stephanie has performed and continues to do so in the Montreal music scene, Toronto, New York City and New Jersey with various corporate and Top 40 bands. Her voice has been featured on a Quebec French release Nouvel Autrefois by the artist XLA, on the track entitled Angle Obtus, featuring and co-written by Jérôme Philippe (Dubmatique). In July 2008, Don't Let Go was featured on 94.7 Hits FM (Montreal & the Seaway Valley's hit music channel) on the Local Music Spotlight feature with Java Joel. Stephanie's latest collaborative works are with Montreal based producer/singer-songwriter/artist Voyce (winner of the 2008 Mix96 Radio Star Contest, now Virgin Radio). Her debut album, Blissful Sounds is a refreshing and unique fusion of R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip-Hop. Stephanie has 4 years of piano training, 1 year of classical voice training, and 7 years of popular voice training. She has a great deal of stage and performance experience, as well as working as a session singer in various recording studios in North America. She is also a recognized and experienced singing and music teacher.

  2. Robert Augello (folk/rock)

    Robert Augello Robert Augello is a Montreal based singer songwriter, who has been playing and performing for the past ten years. From his beginnings with his band Room Eleven, Robert has always been passionate and devoted to his craft. Following numerous shows and recording their EP First Time Again, the band parted ways. Determined to continue making music, Robert became part of the acoustic duo Ten Days Gone, and recorded his first full length album, Live From the Living Room. Although still part of Ten Days Gone, Robert has ventured out on his musical journey accompanied by his trustworthy acoustic guitar to record his first solo acoustic EP, Acoustic Soul. The stage is his home, and he is never as at ease as when under the bright lights, singing his songs to whoever is there to listen.
    Video from this show.

  3. Melina Soochan - indie pop/soul

    Melina Soochan A native Montrealer, Melina is a soulful and sophisticated singer/songwriter and pianist, whose style is a distinctive yet unique blend of pop, indie, soul, RnB, and blues. A classically trained pianist, she pushes herself beyond the limits of conventional pop and adds a little something extra to every track. Melina is no stranger to the stage. Her first love is LIVE PERFORMANCE. When she's not in the studio recording songs for her debut album (due 2010), you can see and hear Melina in various venues and events in and around Montreal and Toronto. She currently sings every Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, where she showcases popular jazz and contemporary songs as well as her quirky original music.
    Video from this show.

  4. Sapo (folk/jazz)

    SapoSapo's music is described as:
    Stories told and sang on music for film, a little fair in a box, an imagery and character driven bouquet of pieces delivered by a chameleon-like performer very much in the acting-singing tradition.

    A picked-it-up-in-the-street kind of musician, Sapo likes to tell stories with her songs jumping from guitar to accordion to piano and then back, in French, English, Spanish and German. Studied theater and film making, traveled for a few years in between. Recorded her home made first CD a couple years back and started gigging around Montreal a year ago.
    Video from this show.

  5. The Damn Truth (acoustic rock n' roll)

    The Damn TruthShe sings her life. He plays the songs of his soul. David and Dave T get them like no one else, give rhythm and depth and keep it all tight and together. It was an evolution. One spanning continents, culture, belief, and time. Dry sands and cold moons. But it happened. And it's all right there, on stage in front of you.

    The Damn Truth.
    Video from this show.

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